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Built from the urge to connect with a community of creatives, we strive to foster a environment of learning. The metaphor of a tribe suggests more than a simple community. Our aim is to give to each other and learn from each other. 

While we are experienced photographers, we all remember our first shoot and the snags we have hit along the way. We were mentored and we want to pay it forward. Skills should be shared and we would be honored to help you build a strong foundation. Read a little more about each of us below!


Meet Kristen

Free-spirited, rebellious and adventurous, Kristen will feel like your long-lost soul sister within minutes of meeting her. Kristen is a Texas native, but has spent the last 17 years traveling the states with her Navy husband and two beautiful girls. When she’s not outdoors exploring new places (the more dangerous, the better), you can find Kristen watching nerdy documentaries with a coffee cup in hand and one of her two dogs on her lap.

After spending several years building her portfolio while living in California and Hawaii, Kristen returned to Texas to rebuild her business from ground up. She decided to transition into wedding photography full-time, and has since quadrupled her income in a few short years.

How She’ll Help You Grow:

Kristen is passionate about lifting new photographers up through creating a space where they feel supported and informed. Not only will she help you create your own tribe, but you can consider her the queen of organization. She can edit weddings in as little as one week! Kristen will help students learn efficiency in workflow through creating editing timelines, culling techniques, customized presets for different parts of the day and even what music inspires her most when cranking out client galleries. You’ll leave feeling ready to tackle your post-wedding to-do list in record time!


Meet Leah

Leah is the silly, authentic and candid kindred spirit you’ve been searching for. She has called California, Louisiana, Scotland, Indonesia and Oklahoma home, but finally settled down in Texas. She’s a dog mom to a ridiculously adorable Pomeranian named Link who she just might be obsessed with. Okay, definitely obsessed with. Passionate about all things artistic, Leah spends her time cooking, redecorating her house as often as her husband allows and creating beautiful floral arrangements while trying to keep them alive (sorry plants).

Leah made the bold move of leaving the corporate world behind her to pursue wedding photography and never looked back. Photography was always a dream job to her, but now she has made that dream come to fruition. She has a knack for capturing genuine moments through her use of natural light, unposed interactions and minimal editing. Her clients consistently praise her for her ability to make them feel at-ease.

How She’ll Help You Grow:

Let Leah help you master the art of fostering relationships with your clients. She’ll teach you how to help your clients feel comfortable during their photos by creating environments that lead to lots of natural moments and laughter! She’ll also lead you in time management, understanding your limits and fostering a community of like-minded creatives to surround yourself with.


Meet Taylor

A self-proclaimed avid rule follower, Taylor is a perfectionist in everything she does whether that’s caring for others through her endless stream of wisdom, cultivating her potentially out-of-control plant collection or running her successful photography business. Her greatest loves in life are her bad-ass Marine Corps boyfriend, two dogs, two cats and all things grapefruit or pineapple juice related.

Taylor stands out with her moody, thought-provoking imagery that never fails to push the boundaries of creativity within the field. Her talent coupled with her fierce drive has led her to a place where she is booking dream couples and providing a consistent and valuable end product to her clients.

How She’ll Help You Grow:

Is there anything Taylor won’t teach you? She’s got you covered when it comes to basic business organization, client communication, setting realistic expectations and preparing your couples for their big day. She’ll fill you in on all her tips and tricks for those difficult day-of scenarios like finding the light and making an uncontrolled environment (i.e., the entire wedding day) look like a controlled one. Taylor will also get you started on the right foot with ethics, professionalism and caring for each of your clients.