5 Branding Photo Session Must Have Shots with Christine Gosch

Do you know what kind of visuals that businesses of the past needed to stay relevant? A logo, a color palette, and maybe a website. Oh, how I long for that kind of simplicity.

These days, your business is practically dead to the world if you don't have a website. This is a digital age, and if you're not searchable on Google then you're losing out on potential clients & income. Social media is right up there in importance, if not more important, than your website. On social media and your website, engaged followers (or better yet, potential paying customers) are looking for 2 things: well-captured, quality content, and visual answers to their questions.

When working with a branding photography client, I ask them what some of the most frequently asked questions are that they receive. That can be a huge tell as to what your brand photos should be visually answering for your followers. Do you make a physical product? How do you make it? What tools do you use? Or perhaps you provide a service. How do you work with your clients? What steps do I take to book you? What do you offer? These are all questions that can be visually answered during your brand session. Today we're talking about 5 Branding Photo Session Must Have Shots.



1) What you do

Simple enough. You need photos of you working, and a good photographer (and possibly a stylist) can help you achieve a beautiful, presentable, well-lit workspace whether you take your brand session photos in your office or workspace, or in a rented studio space. Pictured: Stylist Emma Natter shown styling a client's work.


2) How you do it

This helps you show clients what you're doing to get the work done, your way. What makes you special? Are you a ceramicist sitting down at your wheel, throwing clay? Are you a photographer shooting a newly engaged couple at their engagement session? Plan a faux situation of how you would really work and have it photographed at your brand session. It gives potential clients a glimpse into what their investment is paying for. Pictured: Brand coach Katie O. Selvidge sits down for a meeting with her clients.

3) The tools you utilize

These kinds of images are similar to the 'how' photos listed above, but they just get a little more specific. We know you've got the talent, now we want the details! As a calligrapher do you use nib holders and nibs, or brushes? As a florist do you prefer working with floral foam or chickenwire? These kinds of images also give you the opportunity to educate your followers and open up discussion within your social media platform, inviting an active and interested following. Pictured: Graphic designer + calligrapher Suzzanne Gamboa using her tools to calligraph a piece of paper.


4) Stock photos

If you had to use images to represent your brand without utilizing any photos of you, those would be your stock images. Photos of your workspace, your gear, locations you frequent, or other objects that could represent your brand visually. They're perfect as filler content, social media conversation starters, or eye candy on your website! Pictured: A corner of a charming Billy Reid storefront.


5) Headshot

Depending on your photographer's style, some shots of you may be a little less traditional. Regardless of how artistic you want to get with photographs of you, you MUST get at least one solid, professional headshot. Look at the camera and smile! Potential clients tend to trust a brand more when they see the faces behind it. Pictured: Katie Webb in the comfort of her home, supporting the cozy and organic style of photography she offers.


When you're equipped with quality, professional, to-the-point photos that convey the faces and tools behind the scenes, it helps your brand stand out. Now get out there and make it happen!


Written by Christine Gosch. You can find more of her work here:
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