An Interview with Leah Leftwich

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What do you do to take care of yourself during the busy wedding season?

I make sure to take time for myself! If I have an off day, I do what relaxes me the most. Usually that is spending time at home, or getting a massage. It’s important to know your limits and take time for yourself!

Aside from camera related items, what are your wedding day must-haves?

An itch stick! I have an unlucky habit of stepping in ant piles, so I always keep one on me. I also keep a green Mrs. Box in my bag at all times for detail shots, and oil blotting cloths!

What is your absolute favorite part of the wedding day?

It is really hard to pick only one, because it really depends on the couple and the wedding. I do really enjoy the getting ready portion, because you can really feel the anticipation and nerves. It sort of comes to a head until either the first look or the ceremony, but being able to see both the bride and the groom all nervous beforehand is so much fun!

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What is your go-to wedding outfit and why?

I vary between a black jumpsuit and a black maxi dress. When it’s cold I add a scarf!

What is your worst fear that will happen on a wedding day?

Oh goodness, this is terrifying to think about. That somehow all of my equipment will malfunction at once. Luckily I bring backups, AND a second shooter that also has backups, so it’s highly unlikely that it would ever happen. But if I’m being honest, that is my biggest fear.

Could you tell us a bit more about the gear you use? Favorite lenses on a wedding day?

I shoot on a Canon, and my favorite lens is my Canon 85mm - L series. It creates the most creamy images. Which I understand is a weird word to describe a photo, but the photos that lens takes are just beautiful!